The ACCC has accepted court enforceable undertakings from Aldi Foods and Spring Gully Foods in relation to misleading claims about the composition of Aldi's 'Just Organic' honey.

The 'Just Organic' honey label affixed to the product between early January 2008 and mid 2010 claimed it was 'produced' or 'made with honey produced' on Kangaroo Island.

The product produced during this period actually contained from 0.84% to 50.07% Kangaroo Island honey, with the exception of one batch which contained 100% Kangaroo Island honey.

Subsequently, the label of the product produced from mid 2010 to late 2010 stated that it was a blend of Australian organic certified honey and honey 'produced on Kangaroo Island' when it only contained between 0.076% and 10.13% Kangaroo Island honey.

The product was manufactured by Spring Gully Foods and supplied for sale exclusively through Aldi Stores.  Spring Gully was involved in developing the content of the label and Aldi approved the label.

Aldi Foods and Spring Gully have accepted that the labels are likely to have misled consumers about the composition of the product and have provided court enforceable undertakings to:

  • not represent that honey products are:
    • sourced from a particular location when those products are not sourced 100% from the particular location;
    • a blend of honey with reference to a particular location when those products contain an insignificant amount of honey from the particular location;
  • inform consumers by corrective notices (on their websites, by Aldi in its stores and by Spring Gully Foods in newspapers); and
  • establish and implement a compliance program.