Ordinance No. 149-A/2014.  D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 141, Supplement, Series I of 2014-07-24

Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

Publication of Ordinance No. 149-A/2014 of 24  July, which creates the Medida Estímulo  Emprego,  consisting of the granting to employers of financial support towards the  execution of employment contracts with unemployed individuals registered with Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, I.P. (IEFP, I.P.) (Institute of Employment and  Vocational Training).

The employer, which can be a profit or non profit natural or a legal person governed by  private law, must meet certain requirements in order to be  eligible, namely, having its situation concerning tax and Social Security contributions regular.

The granting of financial support underlying the  Medida depends upon the fulfilment of  the following criteria:

  1. Execution of a part-time or full-time employment contract with an unemployed  individual registered with IEFP, I.P.:
  2. Who benefits from unemployment benefit;
  3. Who benefits from social reintegration income (Rendimento Social de  Inserção [RSI]); c. Whose spouse or civil union partner is also unemployed and registered with  IEFP, I.P.; d. Who has been unemployed for at least 60 consecutive days, in the case of  unemployed individuals less than 30 years old or over  45  years old or also  other unemployed individuals not registered with the Social Security as  either employed individuals or self-employed individuals in the 12 months  before application; e. Who is the member of a single parent family, or a victim of domestic violence  or disabled or incapacitated; f. Who is a former prisoner or is or was subject to suspensory penalty or  judicial measures, who is in a position to be integrated into working life; g. Who are recovering drug addicts; h. Who have been registered for at least 6 consecutive months.
  4. Net job creation and maintenance of the employment level achieved through the  support;
  5. Providing vocational training for the duration of the support;
  6. The remuneration offered must observe the Minimum Guaranteed Monthly Salary and, where applicable, the corresponding collective bargaining agreement. Depending on the type of employment contract  concluded  by the employer under this  Medida, the same will be entitled to the following financial support:

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This Medida may be combined with measures providing for the total or partial exemption  from payments to the Social Security scheme, however, it cannot be combined with other  direct support to employment applicable to the same job.

Fixed-term employment contracts supported under the  Medida Estímulo 2013 may  benefit from the conversion from fixed-term employment contracts into  permanent  employment contracts as provided for in Ordinance No. 106/2013, of 14 March.

Ordinance No. 149-B/2014.  D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 141,  Supplement, Series I of 2014-07-24

Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

Publication of Ordinance No. 149-B/2014 of  24  July,  amending the  Medida Estágios  Emprego.

The  Estágios Emprego may now be used to develop internships to take up regulated  professions, without prejudice to the decisions of Public Professional Associations.

The scope of application has also been extended to other types of unemployed  individuals, such as former prisoners and recovering drug addicts. It should be mentioned that the Medida Estágios Emprego will no longer be applicable to local  governments and entities of the State business sector or local sector.

The duration of these internships has been reduced to 9 months, although there is the  possibility to extend it to up to  12  months in duly substantiated situations to be  analysed by IEFP, which must be raised while the internships are in progress, based on  the fulfilment of the training plan or of situations relevant for future employability.

Internships developed in the scope of projects acknowledged by  IEFP as having a  strategic interest for the national economy or the economy of a given region, may have  a duration of 6, 9 or 12 months.

IEFP no longer contributes wholly for internship scholarships,  having reduced  the  contribution to 80% or 65%, depending on the situation concerned. A 15% increase is  provided for in special situations specified in the law.