Basel Committee reports on impact and accountability of supervision: The Basel Committee has published a report on the impact and accountability of banking supervision. The report shows the progress regulators have made over recent years to broaden and improve their supervision. (Source:Basel Committee Reports on Impact and Accountability of Supervision)

Basel Committee updates on leverage: The Basel Committee has updated its set of frequently asked questions on the leverage ratio. (Source: Basel Committee Updates on Leverage)

Basel Committee updates corporate governance principles: The Basel Committee has issued an updated set of corporate governance principles, superseding its 2010 principles. It stresses the importance of risk governance as part of a bank's overall corporate governance framework and promotes the value of strong boards and board committees together with effective control functions. Key additions include: 

  • more guidance on the role of the board in overseeing the implementation of effective risk management systems; 
  • stressing the importance of the board's collective competence as well as that of individual members so the right amount of knowledge and time for risk governance resides with the board; 
  • strengthening the guidance on risk governance; 
  • giving guidance for regulators when assessing how banks select board members and senior management; and 
  • addressing how remuneration systems form a key component of the governance and incentive structure. 

(Source: Basel Committee Updates Corporate Governance Principles)