The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published a groundbreaking report on the adjudication of intellectual property cases worldwide, providing a snapshot of the structures and practices of specialised intellectual property jurisdictions (SIPJs) in a group of geographically and economically diverse countries. The report can be found here.

The newly published report is based on the practical experiences of IP litigation experts in 24 countries, 19 of which have SIPJs - defined as a tribunal or court, or a permanent division or a chamber within a civil or commercial court or administrative body, having exclusive authority to hear IP disputes or a particular kind of IP dispute.

The topics addressed in the report include the rationale for the establishment of SIPJs; their structure and competence; the composition and appointment of judges, juries and experts; their procedures, doctrines and rules of evidence; representation of parties before SIPJs; and execution of their judgements. The information is summarised in a series of tables which give an overview of the situation in different countries at a glance.

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