On October 10, 2012, Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development released a new clean air strategy and action plan for the province. Clearing the Air: Alberta’s Renewed Clean Air Strategy, 2012 is a roadmap that the Alberta government, its partners and the public will follow over the next 10 years and that focuses on four main areas: (i) governance; (ii) regional planning; (iii) pollution prevention and control; and (iv) knowledge and information sharing. The action plan outlines the short-, medium-  and long-term actions that the province will take to implement the strategy. The purpose of the strategy and action plan is to enhance Alberta’s existing air quality management system and to contribute to the achievement of the multiple goals, including (i) managing air quality to protect the health of Albertans; (ii) maintaining, protecting and sustaining healthy ecosystems; and (iii) ensuring that air-quality management supports Alberta’s economic sustainability.

For more information, please see Alberta’s Environment and Sustainable Resource Development website.