Partner José Feliciano, who is also Chairman of the Hispanic Roundtable in Cleveland, authored an op-ed column for the July 6 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer titled, "Economics at the Core of Immigration Debate Can't Be Ignored."

The article focuses on the immigration bill that failed recently in the Senate. According to Feliciano, "At its core, this is an economic issue. Nearly every reputable economist, as well as the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, has declared that our economy cannot survive without immigrants. Without immigrants, nearly every aspect of our lives would be more difficult or expensive. They build the homes we live in and the offices in which we work. They grow and process the food we eat. They staff our service economy. Without immigrants, our economy would be crippled."

Feliciano goes on to state that "it is interesting to note that there appears to have been almost no scrutiny of employers. These employers are, quite frankly, knowingly hiring these workers, and they benefit from the labor being provided. These employers are the ones controlling 'demand' for immigration, and any serious attempt to deal with immigration must address this issue."

Feliciano continues: "To be sure, regulations regarding entry into the United States are needed. But abusing those who have toiled and sweat for their living while others have prospered is simply unfair and impracticable. Giving them an avenue to demonstrate their further commitment to our country—through citizenship—only makes sense . . . Any future immigration plan must balance the needs of the U.S. economy, the lives of the families of those who toiled so hard for America and the regulatory and security needs of this country."