To no one's surprise, the AFL-CIO General Board voted unanimously to endorse President Obama for a second term. As reported by Bloomberg BNA, AFL-CIO President Trumka said the endorsement is affirming "our faith in him, and [we] pledge to work with him through the election and his second term to restore fairness, security, and shared prosperity." The AFL-CIO plans to place a high priority on voter registration of both union and non-union workers. With 2.3 million active and retired union members and members of their households not registered to vote, the organization's goal is to register 400,000 of those workers.

The AFL-CIO also has a newly created super PAC called "Workers' Voices" designed to build an online network of small donors in addition to the funds that the Union raises from its affiliates. To date, Bloomberg BNA reports that the super PAC has raised $5.4 million. Despite that amount of money, the AFL-CIO's political director forecasts that organized labor will probably be outspent more than 20 to one, "but we are going to have to out-organize them 20 to one."