Revised court fees on fixing a trial date/period

Revised court fees payable when the court fixes a trial date or trial period for a case came into effect on 6 March 2017. For a multi-track case, the fee is now £1,090. (The Civil Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 (SI 2016/1191))

E-filing in the TCC

E-filing is to be introduced to the courts, including the TCC, from April 2017. You can read more in our article "Compulsory e-filing in the TCC from April 2017" here.

The reform of the civil courts continues

In January 2017, the senior judiciary issued a joint statement which endorsed the Final Report and recommendations of Briggs LJ set out in his July 2016 Civil Courts Structure Review. Briggs LJ's recommendations, by which he aims to bring wider access to justice, included the establishment of the Online Court (including the need for a limited fixed recoverable costs regime) and the structure of the courts themselves.

Since then, the government has issued its response to the MoJ's consultation, "Transforming our justice system" (on 8 February 2017), Her Majesty's Tribunal, Courts Services (HMCTS) has issued its report on changes to the justice system and the consequent Prisons and Courts Bill 2016-17 has had its first and second readings in the House of Commons. Some of the proposals have hit the headlines, including proposals for the retirement of judges at 70.