On 27 June 2013, the Federal Parliament passed the Fair Work Amendment Bill 2013 (Cth), which received Royal Assent the following day. Some amendments commenced operation on 1 July 2013, and others will commence on 1 January 2014.

The most important changes include:

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Where to now?

A number of the family friendly measures have commenced on 1 July 2013. However, the consultation requirements regarding changes to ordinary hours or regular rosters do not commence until 1 January 2014. Similarly, changes concerning flexible rosters have already come into effect (1 July 2013) whereas others come into effect next year (1 January 2014).

It is important to take note of significant, wide-reaching amendments such as those that are made to the FWA. Ensuring compliance with the new regime before it comes into effect, reviewing and, if necessary, updating policies and procedures regarding bullying is generally recommended. It may also prove advantageous to reconsider employment contracts in relation to the terms and conditions of paid parental leave. Remember,

preparation is key!