We have seen an increase lately in the number of solicitations that our clients have received that encourage them to submit payment for what purports to be a trademark-monitoring service or publication in a trademark directory. These communications come from entities that use very official-sounding names, such as “US Trademark Registration Office” or “OHMI Office for International Registration.” However, these organizations have no connection whatsoever with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), or the World Intellectual Property Organization, and are merely solicitations to provide services that the trademark owner likely does not need or already receives from its trademark counsel or other reputable vendors.

Examples of the numerous solicitations that have been received, as well as warnings from the U.S. and EU Trademark Offices, and the World Intellectual Property Organization, can be seen at the following links:




Should you receive any such solicitations and have any questions as to their legitimacy or status as an official governmental communication, you should contact your trademark counsel promptly. Do not make any payments to these organizations before doing so.