RFB Ruling Instruction n. 1.319 was published on January 16, 2013, and changed the rules pertinent to the Special Customs Regime of Industrial Warehousing under Electronic Control (Regime Aduaneiro Especial de Entreposto Industrial sob Controle Informatizado - RECOF).

Two relevant changes were introduced by means of such ruling, one concerning warehousing and the other concerning the time limit for the transfer of the goods.

With respect to the warehousing, it determines the obligation of the interested company to make available an electronic system to control the entry, inventory and exit of goods, to record and calculate the tax credits, integrated to the company´s corporate systems in the country, so that the Brazilian Revenue Service may have free and permanent access to information made available.

The second change brings new wording to the provision that in the case of transfer of goods admitted under the regime to another beneficiary, the time limit of one year to apply the regime will be counted again from the effective transfer, with the possibility of extension, for no more than a total of five years, in the case of importation or acquisition of the goods in the domestic market.

(RFB Ruling Instruction n. 1.319, Jan. 16.2013, DOU-I, Jan. 16.2013. Available at: <http://www.receita.fazenda.gov.br/Legislacao/Ins/2013/in13192013.htm>. Access in: Jan. 2013).