In the early hours of this morning bailiffs moved in and cleared the Occupy London protest surrounding St Paul’s cathedral.  This followed the Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision to refuse the protestors leave to appeal the possession order obtained by the City of London.

Occupy London have vowed to continue with their protest and no doubt will be looking for alternative sites from which to continue their protest. If Occupy London does take up possession at an alternative location it could take several weeks, or worse still, a couple of months, to remove the protest, all of which could incur substantial legal fees.  As the recent occupation of UBS’s Sun Street Property and the area around St Paul’s has shown, Occupy London is a highly organised body.  Any claims for possession will be defended, and an application to appeal should be anticipated.  

If you have an empty building in the City of London you should take all necessary measures to protect the building, including a provision of 24 hour security.  Whilst this may be an additional expense, it would be cheaper than having to deal with any unwanted occupation.