On June 8, 2011, U.S. EPA announced that it was releasing to the public information revealing the identities of over 150 chemicals referenced in 104 health and safety studies previously submitted to the Agency as confidential business information (CBI).  The Agency's action was the latest step in an initiative announced in 2010 to declassify chemical information submitted to the Agency.  An initial round of chemical information was declassified from 42 other health and safety studies in March.  The latest disclosure is the result of voluntary declassifications by some companies in response to an Agency challenge in February to declassify such data, along with additional declassifications performed by the Agency.  According to U.S. EPA, the chemicals involved in the latest round of declassifications included those used in "dispersant formulations and consumer products such as air fresheners, non-stick and stain resistant materials, fire resistant materials, nonylphenol compounds, perfluorinated compounds, and lead."  A copy of the various studies declassified by U.S.EPA can be found on the Agency's website.