The Division of Water Resources has announced specifics of its reorganization. Last year, the old Divisions of Water Pollution Control, Groundwater Protection and Water Supply, and the State Revolving Loan Program were combined into a Division of Water Resources, and Sandra Dudley was appointed as Director. The new structure has the following deputy directors and branches:

  • Allen Schwendimann will be Chief Deputy Director;
  • Britton Dotson will be Deputy Director for the Water Quality Branch;
  • Jennifer Dodd will be Deputy Director for Watershed Stewardship & Support Branch; and
  • Sherwin Smith will be Deputy Director for Field Office Operations.

The Division has issued this new organizational chart, which shows the various operations in each branch:

Click here to view image.

Contact information, including telephone numbers and email addresses, for all the individuals listed in this chart are available in the Directory published by our firm. It can be downloaded here.