CFTC Commissioner Dawn D. Stump recommended steps to "streamlin[e]" the collection of certain types of data under the agency's Data Protection Initiative.

In a statement, Ms. Stump advised the agency to:

  • codify no-action relief for the Ownership and Control Reports mandated under CFTC regulations;

  • assess the reporting requirements for Swap Data Repositories;

  • update Form CPO-PQR to rescind certain schedules and questions, and keep only the data points currently used by the CFTC and NFA;

  • consider whether the Cotton-on-Call Report should be continued;

  • assess the scope of the CFTC's upcoming swap data reporting rules and reduce the collection of the Critical Data Elements published by the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures and IOSCO; and

  • consider how the CFTC can avoid duplicative filings (e.g., Form 204).

Additionally, Ms. Stump called on the agency to (i) review its data organization, (ii) establish a data business plan and (iii) ultimately generate internal operation efficiencies by creating a long-term strategy.