After submitting proposed rules for net metering at a recent Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) meeting, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) withdrew the filing, which had rescinded “all references to solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas, hydropower, fuel cell or micro-turbines,” according to theHannah Report. Net metering allows utility customers to generate part, all, or more than the electricity needed for their home, and receive credit or compensation for power sold back to the grid. The withdrawn language includes “more requirements on utilities to disclose information on their net metering,” and also creates clearer delineation between “excess-generators,” those who produce electricity in excess of what they consume, and “customer-generators,” who offset part of their electricity consumption with power generated on site. Additionally, the withdrawn rule “further clarifies how a customer’s net and excess power generation would be compensated. It would be applied to the monthly bill and carried over against future charges until the end of the billing year.” It is not known when PUCO will refile the proposal.