On February 29, the OCC released Bulletin 2016-6, supplementing information in Bulletin 2007-36, “BSA Enforcement Policy,” and rescinding Bulletin 205-45, “Process for Taking Administrative Enforcement Actions Against Banks Based on BSA Violations.” Applicable to OCC-supervised institutions, the bulletin describes the OCC’s enforcement process for banks’ noncompliance with BSA requirements and dealing with repeated or uncorrected BSA compliance problems. As outlined in the bulletin, this administrative enforcement process is comprised of four distinct parts: (i) notice and opportunity to respond, during which bank management has 15 days to respond to the OCC’s written notice regarding potential noncompliance; (ii) consideration of enforcement actions, when the OCC’s supervisory office and legal department reviews relevant materials and makes a recommendation to the OCC Supervision Review Committee, which then determines whether the OCC should pursue an enforcement action or if the determination should instead be delegated to the Senior Deputy Comptroller; (iii) initiation of BSA enforcement actions, at which point the bank receives the final letter or report of examination, a proposed cease-and-desist order, and notice regarding potential civil money penalties upon approval of the action; and (iv) coordination with other agencies, when the OCC notifies FinCEN of any informal and formal actions taken against the alleged perpetrator, and when the OCC ensures that all suspicious activity reports are filed and coordinated with other appropriate law enforcement agencies.