Alleging that the company illegally bills customers for products they did not order and ignores cancellation requests, a plaintiff has filed a putative class action against Guthy-Renker, maker of the Proactiv line of anti-acne products. Gomez v. Guthy-Renker, No. 14-1425 (U.S. Dist. Ct., C.D. Cal., filed July 11, 2014). In the complaint, the plaintiff argues that Guthy-Renker “engages in a systematic fraudulent scheme to charge consumers for its products when Defendant is not authorized to do so.”

She alleges that she bought Proactiv products and was enrolled in a continuityprogram that Guthy-Renker advertised would charge her monthly, but instead she was charged every 28 days, resulting in 13 charges in one year. The complaint further alleges that Guthy-Renker charged the plaintiff for $347.68 worth of products from Meaningful Beauty, a different line sold by the company, that she had never ordered nor received, and when she requested a refund, she received only $139.91 back. The plaintiff requests class certification, declaratory judgments that Guthy-Renker engaged in racketeering, an injunction, damages, and attorneys’ fees.