The Greek public Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA) paid in 2009 a total of €425 million to farmers in order to compensate the poor weather conditions in 2008. According to the Commission, in 2011, the aid was illegal and incompatible with the internal market, so it ordered that the aid be recovered by the Greek State. The General Court rejected the Greek application to annul the Commission’s decision. The Court of Justice confirmed the General Court’s and the Commission’s position. Indeed, the fact that farmers had paid contributions to the ELGA that were registered in the State budget before the payment of the compensations is sufficient to consider that the public body’s benefits are collected from the State’s resources. Therefore, according to the Court, the compensations constitute an advantage for farmers that they could never have received in the normal conditions of the internal market. Moreover, the Court highlights that the Commission can distance itself from the rules of conduct of the Temporary Community Framework, provided that the Member State invokes exceptional circumstances, characterizing a given sector of its economy. In this case, however, Greece did not invoke such circumstances. Therefore, the Court confirmed the Commission’s decision to impose the recovery of the illegal and incompatible aids.