A former sales executive of a Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer pleaded guilty on December 21 in connection with a scheme to pay bribes to a Saudi Arabian government official. The sales executive, a U.K. resident living in the United Arab Emirates, pleaded guilty to a count each of violating the FCPA, conspiracy to violate the FCPA, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy to launder money, and making a false statement. As part of his plea, he admitted that he engaged in a scheme to have the manufacturer pay bribes to a foreign official in exchange for assistance in getting an aircraft sales contract. The sales executive also admitted getting a kickback as part of the scheme and lying to law enforcement officials about the kickback.

The manufacturer previously paid $205 million to the DOJ and SEC in October 2016 to resolve related FCPA violations in Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, and the Dominican Republic.