The House of Commons Library has published a new report: “Legislating for Brexit: EU external agreements“.

The EU has entered into 890 bilateral and 259 multilateral international treaties and agreements. In most cases, the EU entered into these treaties, but the EU’s member states did not. However, there are 230 “mixed-agreements“, that were entered into by the EU and the individual member states, because they covered issues within (and without) the policy areas where the EU has exclusive competence.

As the House of Commons library explains, “most analysts believe that both exclusive and mixed agreements will fall on Brexit day, and will have to be renegotiated after Brexit, or possibly in parallel with negotiations on the withdrawal agreement … There is a view, however, that where the UK has ratified a mixed agreement in its own right, aspects of the mixed agreement will remain in force“.

The report considers (eg) how Brexit might affect the EU’s external agreements before listing them, and noting whether they are exclusive or mixed competence.

More to follow …