The International Organization of Securities Commissions is seeking comments on fees and expenses typically charged by collective investment schemes, disclosures regarding such fees and expenses, and proposed standards of good practice. Among other things, IOSCO recommends that regulators may decide to specify fees and expenses that may not be deducted from the assets of a CIS; CIS operators should design calculation methods for performance fees that are “proportionate to the investment performance of the fund;” and fees and expenses should be described in “easy-to-understand and summarized information” to investors. IOSCO also recommends that, in order to manage potential CIS operators’ conflict of interests, regulators should adopt rules regarding the types of goods and services that may and should not be paid for directly or indirectly as a result of commission payments by CISs. (e.g., so-called “soft-dollar” arrangements). All comments are due by close of business on September 23, 2015.