The IMO (International Maritime Organization) study on the implementation of the Regulation D-2 of the BWM Convention ballast water performance standard will assess the implementation of the Guidelines for approval of ballast water management systems (G8) and related type approval processes, as well as the performance of approved ballast water management systems (BWMS) in routine operation on board ships.

The Study involves online surveys and document collection  on current and past approaches and procedures used in testing of BWMS and the granting of Type Approval Certificates by Administrations, “Track 1”. “Track 2” also involves online surveys and data collection on the technical, mechanical and biological performance of BWMS with Type Approval Certificates that have been installed, commissioned and are in operation on board ships.

The goal of both tracks is to collect facts on BWMS operational performance and not to suggest what is “acceptable” or “best”.

The deadline for participation by supplying comments has been extended to 10 June, 2015. For further information and how to submit comments, see: