The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued its Fiscal Year 2017, Volume 2 Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law, which can be found on the EEOC’s website here.

The decisions selected for inclusion in the Digest are catalogued based on the main topic or issues addressed, and there is a short summary of each decision provided. Also, there is a link available for each decision enabling electronic access to a copy of the full decision. In addition to these resources, this volume of the Digest includes an article: “Age Discrimination: An Overview of the Law and Recent Commission Decisions.” The brief article very generally touches on the central legal principles established by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, reviews the basic standards used in analyzing claims under the statute, and provides summaries of select on-topic EEOC decisions which, in this instance, were primarily decided in 2016.

This Digest can serve as a useful resource when considering issues related to matters that often arise before the EEOC in the area of employment discrimination.