On July 7, 2015, the EBA published a final report, including final guidelines and final draft Implementing Technical Standards on the eligibility of institutions for simplified obligations in the context of recovery planning, resolution planning and resolvability assessments under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive. The EBA also published final draft ITS on the procedures, forms and templates for submitting information on resolution plans. The BRRD allows national regulators to apply simplified recovery obligations, including simpler requirements as to the contents and details of resolution plans, and less frequency in their updates. Such obligations will not apply to globally systemically important institutions and other systemically important institutions. The EBA’s final guidelines set out: (i) criteria for considering whether a firm can be subject to simplified obligations; (ii) entitlement for national regulators to attribute certain weightings to such criteria; and (iii) creation of ‘mandatory indicators’ which must be used and ‘optional indicators’ which may be used, in assessing application criteria. The technical standards specify general reporting procedures, including further instructions for completing the reporting form. National regulators retain the power to select which form a particular firm is required to complete. Authorities are to report within two months of publication of the translated versions of the guidelines on the EBA website how they assessed the application of the criteria and indicators to their institutions. The EBA will then assess any difference in the modes of assessment by the jurisdiction, and will submit a report of its findings to the European Parliament, Council and European Commission by December 31, 2017.

The final report and guidelines are available at: http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/1135541/EBA-GL-2015-16+Guidelines+on+simplified+obligations.pdf and both final draft ITS are available at: http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/1135296/EBA-ITS-2015-05+ITS+on+simplified+obligations.pdf; and http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/1135507/EBA-ITS-2015-06+ITS+on+reporting+for+resolution+plans.pd f