Grand Rapids, Mich. — When preparing an estate plan, pet owners often fail to include provisions that provide for their pet's care upon the owner's death. As a result, annually, about 1.3 million pets enter animal shelters due to the death of their owners. This is tragic for the pets and can be avoided by the pet owner preparing a pet trust.

Under Michigan law, it is possible to create a trust that outlines how a pet is to be cared for in the event its owner passes away. Naming a caregiver of choice, providing a monetary sum for a pet's care and providing explicit care instructions for the caregiver are examples of what can be included in a pet trust. With a little planning and foresight, a pet owner ensures that their pet will be properly and lovingly cared for after the owner passes away.

Pet owners interested in establishing a trust that secures the protection and care of their pet should contact an experienced estate planning attorney such as Foster Swift attorney Jonathan J. David. David has a wealth of experience in estate planning and is a published author on estate planning issues, regularly contributing to publications nationally and regionally on the topic.

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