On May 21, 2014, Commissioner John Pecman announced a significant “realignment” process to the internal structure of the Bureau. The Bureau was historically divided into four enforcement branches: Criminal Matters, Civil Matters, Mergers and Fair Business Practices. The development will combine the Fair Business Practices Branch and the Criminal Matters Branch into a single branch, and also combine the Mergers Branch and the Civil Matters Branch.  All non-criminal cases, including mergers, non-criminal conduct and non-criminal competitor agreements will be handled by the civil branch, whereas criminal cases, including conspiracies, cartels, and bid-rigging, will be under the criminal branch.

Commissioner Pecman noted that the alignment will not decrease the size of the Bureau. However, the realignment will undoubtedly result in many other synergies, and promote greater collaboration within the branches. Pecman noted that the realignment is “about building a stronger, more flexible and more adaptive agency.”

In terms of leadership, Lisa Campbell was appointed on June 5, 2014 to assume oversight of the Mergers Branch. Campbell previously held the role of Senior Deputy Commissioner of the Fair Business Practices Branch. The branch achieved several noteworthy results under Campbell’s leadership, including the first and maximum administrative monetary penalty and the first conviction for breach of a consent agreement.

Senior Deputy Commissioner Matthew Boswell will remain in charge of criminal cases. Boswell was appointed to the position of Senior Deputy Commissioner of Competition of the Criminal Matters Branch in March 2014.  Boswell will continue to bring significant legal expertise in criminal law enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation.