The GMC’s Fitness to Practise Panel recently considered the matter of Dr Sethna Saverymuttu.  

Dr Saverymuttu had a private practice and it was alleged by four health insurers that he had engaged in improper activity and conduct relating to the bills submitted to insurers. It was alleged that Dr Saverymuttu had invoiced insurers for operations that were more complex than had actually been the case and had infl ated his bills to them accordingly, a practice known as “up-coding”.  

The allegations were investigated by the GMC and found proved.  

The GMC suspended Dr Saverymuttu for a period of one year. The insurance industry is determined to fi ght fraud. It has pooled its intelligence and collectively set up ‘The Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group’ to deal specifi cally with this growing problem, which is estimated to cost insurers in the region of £140m per year.  

Four other doctors have been struck-off or sanctioned by the GMC for similar conduct.