Gdynia airport has been ordered by the European Commission to repay State aid of PLN 91.7 million (c. € 21.8 million) received from the municipalities of Gdynia and Kosakowo.

The Commission found that the State aid should not have been granted because it:

  • gave the airport an unfair economic advantage over its competitors, especially neighbouring Gdansk airport, only 25 km away;
  • have resulted in an unnecessary duplication of unprofitable infrastructure.

Under the Treaty on the functioning of the EU, State aid is incompatible with the internal market where it distorts (or threatens to distort) competition by favouring certain undertakings and affects trade between Member States.

The ruling also applies sector-specific rules on the financing of airports and start-up aid to airlines departing from regional airports (OJ C 312, 09/12/2005).