Intellectual Ventures I, LLC, et al. v. Nikon Corporation, et al., C.A. No. 11-1025-SLR, March 10, 2015.

The following terms are construed:

  1. Variable-pixel control
  2. Pixels selected
  3. Image sensor
  4. Enhancement layer having a doping concentration that is less than the first doping concentration
  5. A field area
  6. A field stop layer being formed beneath the field area and being wider than the field area in a direction towards the active area Covering … a portion of the photodiode
  7. Aligned
  8. Multi-layer interlayer insulating films … stacked in at least two layers of oxide film having different density and the refractive index so that the density and the refractive index of the upper interlayer insulating film becomes lower than that of the lower interlayer insulating film as the multilayer interlayer insulating films proceed upward
  9. A light shield layer and an element protecting film sequentially stacked on the multi-layer interlayer insulating film
  10. In real time
  11. Mapping the images of fields of view onto regions of a cylindrical surface
  12. Image[s] of field[s] of view
  13. Channel impulse response estimate obtainable from the first portion is reusable for acquisition of the second portion
  14. Kernel