The Government of Canada's Climate Change Plan has been submitted pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, 2007. The filing was made to meet the Government's statutory obligation under the Act.

The filing reviews the Government's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction plan announced in its Turning the Corner document released earlier this year. It also reviews its initial report under the Kyoto Protocol filed with the UNFCCC Secretariat on March 15, 2007.

The Plan emphasises Canada's "unique geographic and economic circumstances" to be considered in the development of a realistic GHG reduction plan. It recognises that GHG emissions in 2005 were more than 30 % above Canada's Kyoto Protocol target. It submits that to meet Canada's Kyoto Protocol target on the timeline proposed in the Act would have significant adverse economic implications for Canada.

The Government's filing proposes that Turning the Corner is a realistic and balanced approach to GHG reductions by means of mandatory regulations, technology support, and support of provincial and territorial initiatives.