Dr Trossel, a stem cell doctor who practises in London and Rotterdam, is currently undergoing scrutiny by the GMC’s FTP Panel. Dr Trossel is charged with impairment by reason of misconduct, conviction and caution. The FTP Panel is inquiring into charges that Dr Trossel offered, and made false claims about, treatment with stem cells therapy, Vitamin B therapy, Aqua Tilis Therapy and Therapeutic Resonance Imaging, to patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Hodgkins’ Disease. It is alleged that this was unjustifi able on the basis of the available scientifi c or clinical medical evidence; inappropriate; not in the best interests of the patients; exploitative of vulnerable patients; false, misleading, dishonest and an abuse of his position as a doctor.

The GMC will have regard to Dr Trossel’s conviction on 17 February 2009 by a Belgian court. This was for failing to comply with the statutory provision that every removal and transplant of tissues, cells and organs must be carried out by a physician at a hospital as laid down by the Belgian Hospital Act of 23 December 1963. Dr Trossel removed or transplanted stem cells at a place which was not a recognised hospital. He was also convicted of the illegal practice of medicine in Belgium by assisting a Mr Aanen, who failed appropriately to notify the Ministry of Public Health in Belgium of his intention to perform medical services, namely the carrying out of stem cell treatments. Dr Trossel was given a fi ve-month suspended sentence and fi ned EUR4,000. As if that were not enough, Dr Trossel was cautioned by the UK Police on 16 August 2007 for leaving an NCP airport car park on 26 June 2007 without paying the parking fee.

The Panel’s investigation continues. Look for our report of the Panel’s fi ndings in the next edition.