The MOL rarely publicizes employer fines under $50,000. Here is when it has The Ontario Ministry of Labour has an unpublicized policy of issuing news releases for all charges against employers that result in fines of $50,000 or more not including the Victim Fine Surcharge.

For many employers, the business or reputational risk associated with a safety charge is as serious as the financial risk. In some cases, employers who have a conviction under the Occupational Health and Safety Act might lose the opportunity to obtain a contract with a company that asks for disclosure of the bidders’ safety records.

Our review of the MOL’s recent press releases shows that, even where the fine is under $50,000, the MOL has publicized convictions involving:

  • Farm employers (conviction of a farmer in a tractor roll‐over; the OHSA has only recently (since 2006) applied to certain farms);
  • Injuries to young workers (a co‐op student was injured on a brake press);
  • Asbestos violations (failure to advise workers of asbestos);
  • Obstruction of MOL inspector (a company obstructed a Ministry of Labour inspector);
  • Dangerous clothing or jewelry (a worker wearing a ring had his hand entangled in a pinch point between two rolls); and
  • Apparent disregard for obvious or known safety hazard (ladder was missing three of its four non‐slip feet, and one of its cross‐members was broken).