The Russian Government has introduced a two-year prohibition on the public procurement of foreign data storage systems.1

The prohibition applies to supplies, including leases, for governmental and municipal needs of almost all types of memory storage devices from foreign states, classified under code 26.20.2 of the all-Russia classifier of products based on types of economic activity OK 034-2014 ("OKPD2").2

The prohibition does not apply to data storage systems included in the unified state register of Russian radio-electronic devices ("Register").3

For inclusion into the Register4, the manufacturer of the devices should: (i) be a Russian legal entity; (ii) not be controlled by any foreign persons; and (iii) have manufacturing technology rights (patents, know-how, etc.), engineering and design documentation, and software allowing the manufacture of products for at least five years. The share of foreign components (if any) in the said devices should also be gradually decreased to no more than 15% by 2025, at the latest.