A group of consumer packaged goods companies (CPG s), including personalcare- products company Dial Corp., has filed a motion for class certification in New York federal court in a lawsuit against News Corp. alleging that the company has shut the CPG s out of the market for in-store advertising services, including coupon dispensers, shopping cart advertisements and coupon books inserted in newspapers. Dial Corp. v. News Corp., No. 13-6802 (U.S. Dist. Ct., S.D.N.Y., motion filed August 11, 2014). The complaint alleged that News Corp. used its dominant position in the market to overcharge customers of its News America Marketing FSI Inc. and News America Marketing In-Store Services LL C units through both exclusive and staggered retailer contracts. The proposed class includes “United States CPG s that have purchased in-store promotions from News at any time on or after April 5, 2008,” because each class member purchased in-store services from News and has the same legal claims against it, argues the plaintiffs’ group, which includes several food manufacturers as well as Spectrum Brands, which sells batteries, appliances, hardware, and home and garden and pet supply products.