ESMA delivered its regulatory technical standards (RTS) on the European Electronic Access Point (EEAP), as required under the amended Transparency Directive, to the European Commission for endorsement. The objective of the EEAP is to provide an easy search and access tool for end-users looking for regulated information, such as annual reports, major shareholdings etc., on issuers admitted to trading on regulated markets in Europe. The EEAP will be a web-portal, built and operated by ESMA, to provide a single point of access at EU level to the regulated information stored by officially appointed mechanisms (OAM) in each Member State. Currently, end users must search each OAM individually. The EEAP will be developed over the next couple of years and made available to end-users after 1 January 2018.  ESMA encourages OAMs to start preparing for implementation at national level as soon as possible.