The SEC approved the proposed amendments to the rules of national securities exchanges expanding their trading pause pilot rules to apply all (National Market System) NMS stocks which are “any security or class of securities for which transaction reports are collected, processed, and made available pursuant to an effective transaction reporting plan, or an effective national market system plan for reporting transactions in listed options.” The current rules require the trading of a security to be paused for five minutes if the price of that security moves ten percent or more as compared to its price in the preceding five-minute period, and the current rules apply only to securities included in S&P 500 Index, Russell 1000 Index and a specified list of exchange traded products. Effective as of August 8, 2011, the trading pause rules will apply to all remaining NMS stocks. For these remaining NMS securities, the threshold price move that triggers a trading pause will be set at “30% or more for such securities priced at $1 or higher, and 50% or more for such securities priced less than $1.” In addition, the amended rules will adjust the market maker quoting requirements as necessary for the new thresholds. The SEC approval is available by clicking here.