In order to comply with Ohio’s energy law, FirstEnergy Corp. announced yesterday that a request for proposal will be issued to purchase renewable energy credits from renewable generating facilities that are certified, or in the process of being certified, in the state of Ohio, a press release from the company said (See the Aug 17, 2012, blog – “Audit finds FirstEnergy Corp. overpaid by millions for renewable energy credits (RECS)”). The company seeks solar renewable energy credits (SRECS) and renewable energy credits (RECS) produced between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2012. According the release, the amounts and locations sought by the company are as follows: 7,500 SRECS generated in Ohio or states contiguous to Ohio; 140,000 RECS generated in Ohio; and 175,000 RECS generated in Ohio or states contiguous to Ohio. For more, read the full story here.