Safe Work Australia has endorsed twelve additional model Codes of Practice. The new model Codes of Practice are:

  • Safe Design, Manufacture, Import and Supply of Plant;
  • Working in the Vicinity of Overhead and Underground Electric Lines;
  • Traffic Management in Workplaces;
  • Scaffolds and Scaffolding Work;
  • Formwork and Falsework;
  • Cranes;
  • Amusement Devices;
  • Industrial Lift Trucks;
  • Managing Risks of Plant in Rural Workplaces;
  • Managing Cash-in Transit Security Risks;
  • Managing Risks of Forestry Operations; and
  • Abrasive Blasting.

The twelve model codes of practice have been endorsed by Safe Work Australia (SWA) members and are provided as guidance material only until approved by the Ministerial Council. The Codes will become model WHS Codes of Practice under the Inter-Governmental Agreement for Regulatory and Operational reform in OHS when they are approved by the Ministerial Council.

The revised draft model Code of Practice on the Prevention of Workplace Bullying has not yet been released despite SWA members having agreed to do so.

More information on the Model Codes of Practice can be found here.