This week legislators focused on veto overrides, constitutional amendments, and local bills as leadership announced a goal of finishing this year’s session next week.

Veto Overrides (S486 (link is external), S757 (link is external))

Legislators overrode two of Governor Cooper’s vetoes this week. S486 makes various changes to state election laws, and S757 makes changes to some judicial and prosecutorial districts across the state, including in Wake and Mecklenburg counties. Both bills are now law.

Constitutional amendments

A number of proposals to amend the North Carolina Constitution are being considered by legislators. The bills address crime victims’ rights (H551 (link is external)), photo identification for voting (H1092 (link is external)), capping the state income tax at 5.5 percent (S75 (link is external)), hunting and fishing rights (S677 (link is external)), and judicial vacancies (S814 (link is external)). If approved, the issues would appear on the November 6 statewide ballot. These bills are not subject to gubernatorial vetoes beacuse the entire state would have the opportunity to vote on these issues.

Local bills

A variety of bills impacting local individual governments were passed this week. These bills are also not subject to gubernatorial vetoes.