In the latest risk assessment for the country, recently released by the Fitch Ratings agency, the rating of Paraguay improved from "BB" to "BB+", which represents an important step towards the investment grade, which starts from the "BBB" rating. These indicators measure the ability of a government to deal with its debt and inform potential investors about the risk involved in investing in a country.

The report highlights the country's economic resilience to the regional situation and the fiscal discipline of the Government, which maintains the lowest ratio between public debt and gross domestic product (GDP) among all countries with 'BB', with a ratio of public debt / GDP of 17%, when the average for other countries is 46%.

Among other positive aspects, it also mentions that Paraguay maintained an economic growth of 4.3% in the last five years, even facing the effects of a deep recession in Brazil in the 2015-2016 period, the decline in commodity prices in 2014 -2015 and the depreciation of the Argentine peso this year. The risk rating agency expects the Paraguayan economy to continue growing favorably in the next two years with a rate of 3.9%.

It also emphasizes that the national economy has diversified with the introduction of new productive sectors from the maquila regime, producing auto parts, clothing and others.

In terms of economic prospects, they remain in the "stable" category.