On 22 July 2009, the Commission published for consultation a Communication setting out its views on the future competition law framework for the motor vehicle sector, following the expiry of the current motor vehicles block exemption regulation in May 2010. It is proposing that the general rules for vertical agreements (as contained in any new regulation that would replace the current vertical agreements block exemption from May 2010) should apply to agreements for the sale of new motor vehicles. However, this would be accompanied by sector specific guidelines on certain issues and there would be a transitional period of three years until May 2013. In relation to the aftermarkets for servicing and repairs, the Commission considers that, from 31 May 2010, the general rules for vertical agreements should apply, in conjunction with sector specific guidelines and/or an additional, more focused sectoral block exemption regulation. This approach reflects the fact that there is less intense competition in the aftermarkets than there is in the primary market for the sale of new cars, where the Commission has found no evidence of significant competition shortcomings.