On January 31, 2018, the National Hydrocarbons Commission carried out the filing and opening of economic proposals act related to the tender CNH-R02-L04/2017 for the awarding of license contracts for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons in deep-waters.

Pursuant to the results of the tender, 19 contractual areas, out of 29, were awarded to different companies and consortiums. The remaining 10 areas could be bided by federal government in future tender procedures.

Awarded areas:

Awarded contracts will represent investments of approximately USD $93 billion during the next 30 – 40 years.

It is relevant to mention that regarding contractual areas 21 and 29, due to the fact that in both cases there was a tie, awarding of such areas was determined through the un-tie amount offered. For contractual area 21, Shell Exploracion and Extraccion Mexico offered USD $110,154,514.03 million, while the consortium conformed by Chevron, Pemex and ONGC Videsh offered USD $42,100,101.00 million.

For contractual area 29, Repsol, PC Carigali, Sierra and PTTEP offered USD $151,253,352.89 million, while the consortium conformed by Eni, Qatar Petroleum and Citla Energy offered USD $86,723,456.00 million.

Derived from the offers made by awarded companies, mainly with respect to the additional royalty, State will receive, in average, 64% of the utilities generated by the contracts, as well as a cash payment of $261,407,886.92 million dollars for the tie derived from contractual areas 21 and 29.