On 29 September 2010, the European Commission announced that it would accept legally binding commitments offered by ENI SpA (ENI) to resolve a dispute over access to gas pipelines in the Italian market. ENI is the main gas company in Italy for both the transport of gas and its downstream supply to businesses and households. Following an investigation into allegations that ENI was abusing a dominant position and refusing to grant competitors access to the gas network on reasonable conditions, the Commission issued a formal Statement of Objections in March 2009. To resolve the concerns raised by the Commission, ENI put forward a settlement package under which it agreed to sell its strategic shareholdings in three international pipelines to Italy (the TAG, the TENP and Trainsitgas pipeline). The sale will be carried out under the supervision of a trustee and the Commission will approve the buyers to ensure that third party requests for access will be carried out by an independent entity.