Audi USA has recently announced that it will launch Audi at Home, a car-sharing program, in two luxury condominium buildings in Miami and San Francisco. Audi will supply the vehicles for the program, which will be parked in the condominiums for use by the condo residents only. Interested residents would register with the concierge and then make vehicle bookings through a mobile website. Vehicles can be reserved and paid for on an hourly or daily basis and then returned to the condominium valet. The user fee will include cleaning, fuel, insurance, road tolls and unlimited mileage. This program will provide residents with convenience and spontaneity. For well-heeled residents with multiple homes in multiple cities, they won’t need to keep a car at their condominium if they have access to luxury vehicles without having to leave the condominium property. While today’s sharing economy generally appeals to the masses, Audi has taken the sharing concept to a different level by creating a program that offers only current- model premium vehicles exclusively to residents of select luxury condominiums.