On March 19, the Virginia governor signed HB 2690, which requires money transmitters to be licensed through the National Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). The bill also (i) amends the definition of a “member” subject to the law’s requirements to include a person who owns or controls ten percent (previously it was five) of a limited liability company; (ii) allows for reports and other filings to be submitted to the Commissioner through the NMLS; and (iii) changes the due date for the annual licensing fee from September 1 to December 31. Additionally, on March 21, the governor signed HB 2251, which repeals provisions of the state’s mortgage licensing law related to the issuance of transitional mortgage loan originator licenses and replaces them with provisions granting temporary authority to act as a mortgage loan originator. Both bills are effective July 1.

On March 15, the South Dakota governor signed HB 1032, which, in addition to various conforming and technical changes, requires money transmitters operating in the state to be licensed through the NMLS system. The bill is effective July 1.