Ministerial Decisions

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Ministerial Decision No. 201/2016

Amending certain provisions of the rules and conditions for the election of members of boards of directors of public joint stock companies, and the provisions relating to their responsibilities (issued by MD 137/2002).

This decision aligns the rules with the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Capital Market Authority in 2015. The amendments require (amongst other things) that all board members be non-executive and at least one third of them be independent (a minimum of 2 members). The amendments also list the criteria of an independent member and require the board to establish a 'Nomination and Remuneration Committee'.

Issued on 31 August 2016. Effective from the day after the date of publication.

Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries

Decision No. 243/2016

Regulating the Sultanate's fish exports and specifying the varieties thereof.

Issued on 28 August 2016. Effective from 1/9/2016.

Decision No. 245/2016

Issuing the regulations on the use of beach surface fishing nets (seines).

Issued on 29 August 2016. Effective 30 days after the date of publication.

Official Announcements

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Announcements concerning the publication of trademark registration applications

Correction: - Noting that there was a material error in the details published for Trademark No. 92900 in Official Gazette No. 1149, issued on 5 June 2016.

Tender Board

Tender No. 8/2016

For a project to supply, develop, implement and support an Electronic Documents and Records Management System for the National Records and Archives Authority and 14 Government bodies.

Commercial Announcements

The commencement of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following businesses is announced:

  1. Al Alama Maintenance & Engineering Solutions LLC.
  2. Wadi Al Sukhoor LLC.
  3. Muscat Centre for Services and Talent Development LLC.
  4. Said Al Ghaithy & Son Trading & Contracting – Limited Partnership.
  5. Amjad Majzi Trading – General Partnership.