Noting that there are two elements in the concept of trans-border reputation, presence of international reputation inuring in a trademark in favour of the plaintiff on account of use made overseas; and that the reputation has spilled over to India, the Delhi High Court has dismissed the appeal filed against the interim injunction granted by the Single Judge Bench of the Court. The Division Bench in this regard noted that registration in multiple jurisdictions; reference of trademark in international magazines, journals and publications; and volume of sales, can be taken as evidence of reputation to form a prima-facie opinion. Further, observing that the respondent had 7 domain name registrations, the Court held that the threshold to establish a prima-facie reputation in the international market was achieved. Respondent was found to be entitled to injunction notwithstanding the factthat they were prima facie not able to establish goodwill associated with its trademark abroad. [Mac Personal Care Pvt. Ltd. v. Laverana Gmbh - FAO (OS) 194/2015, decided on 28-1-2016, Delhi High Court]