On 22 August, the US government designated Abdul Mohsen Abdullah Ibrahim al-Sharikh, based in Syria, and Hamid Hamad Hamid Al-Ali, based in Kuwait, as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (“SDGTs”). This action was taken in support of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2170, adopted on 15 August 2014, which targets the ISIL and the Syria-based ANF. Al-Sharikh is described as a “top strategist” of ANF in Syria and, in this role, has used social media to demonstrate an aspiration to target Americans and US interests.  Al-Ali is allegedly a financial facilitator for ANF, raising tens of thousands of dollars to fund purchases of weapons and supplies, as well as facilitating travel to Syria of individuals wishing to fight for ANF. Previously, on 18 August, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani was designated as an SDGT in support of Resolution 2170.  Al- Adnani is the official spokesman for and senior leader of ISIL.

US Treasury Department Press Release – ANF

US State Department Press Release - ISIL