The Spanish Government has announced a rise of five points for the contributions to social security system applicable to the maximum contribution bases, setting it at €3,597 per month.

The government has also announced its decision to freeze the Spanish national minimum wage for 2014 at €645.30 per month (€21.51 per day). This year will be the second year, since the outbreak of the crisis, that the national minimum wage has been frozen. However in 2013 the salary increase of 0.6 per cent has been agreed by the most representative organisations at a state level in Spain, namely the employer associations CEOE and CEPYME and trade unions CCOO and UGT, establishing the main guidelines for collective bargaining and the actions that the signatories are committed to adopting over the next three years (until 31 December 2014).

The Bill is still being negotiated and the changes are still pending parliamentary approval. It approved, he changes will be effective from 1 January 2014.